Since our inception in 1996, thanks to years we worked with passion, gaining experience, we evolved from small bunch of fascinated beginners to professional team of developers - 3 Red Ants Studio.

  Our mission is to create perfect and reliable solutions, using tested and effective tools, as good as newly researched and unique technologies. Devoted to perfection, we also care for entertaining brilliancy of our products.

  Obsession of quality, fascination with digital technology and passion of creation - these give us ability to create products we are proud of. This means: our customers are always 100% satisfied.

  Roadmap - what do we do ?
Selecting from small tools, to wide-service applications, choosing from solutions dedicated to one special customer, to products for public use - we create even more...

During years of working with source code, we discovered whole world of software design. We have developed products related to networks, databases, graphical engineering, sound engineering, system tools, servers, demos, presentations...

Need unique software dedicated for your company? You found the solution! Our experience will serve you well.

small product expositions, company information sites, flash presentations and large user-panel managable portals.
We test our products on several software-2-hardware scenarios, specially focusing on compatibility with wide-range of internet viewers. We prefer basing our www-products on OpenSource software, to minimalize additional expenses of our customers...

despite of often approaching project-deadlines, we do all we can, to sustain our passion and not to fall into recession of routine. We constantly consume part of our time on useless, non-commercial projects. Then we focus nothing but impression and entertainment.

  We invite you to work with us !