Digital-LSD is a simple math-animation demo. It is not usefull in any way.

Digital LSD [ *.exe 84 KB]

This is demo of 14 simple math formulas used for rendering real-time, nice-looking animation.

Idea of Digital LSD derives from TWIRL. Also, we were impressed by Noah's ACIDWARP.

At the beginning, this project was just another experiment, made for fun and code-experience. Luckily, we found sponsor (the truth is - the sponsor found us) who wanted to pay for this project (and its source-code). Thanks to we were able to introduce DIGITAL LSD...

Digital LSD needs Direct-X 7 and a PC with at least 600 Mhz + 128 MB. However, to achieve nice-looking animation, we recommend at least AMD Athlon 2.0GHz.

Notice: these are static screens ! Download and run DigitalLSD.exe to see full animation...